Who we are

Who we are

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Progettomondo is an italian NGO founded in 1966, committed to counter various forms of poverty and inequality on a global level. We started in Latin America, and today we are active with our development and human rights interventions in North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa as well. In Italy and Europe, we actively promote Global Education and other forms of mobilization and public awareness, on climate change, in favor of intercultural dialogue and in the struggle against all forms of discrimination, racism and xenophobia. Throughout our history we have involved around 1.000 development workers and volunteers, engaged in more than 450 projects in 24 countries. Our headquarters are in Verona, Italy, and we have national offices in all the countries where we work. Local groups from different Italian regions participate in the life of the organization. We are promoters and active members of local, national and international networks, including the Federation of Christian Organizations of International Voluntary Service (FOCSIV) and the Association of Italian NGO (AOI).


We promote projects and initiatives in international cooperation and solidarity in Africa and Latin America, Global Education in Italy and Europe, and awareness campaigns and volunteer experiences, which allow us to carry out our “world project”. We always plan and implement our actions together with the partners of the countries and territories where we work. These actions are included in medium and long-term programs aimed at producing long-lasting changes. Currently, we are committed to four areas of intervention: Justice, Sustainable Development, Migration and Global Education.


Progettomondo intends to be an agent of change, builder of alliances, promoter of exchanges between people and dialogue between cultures, by affirming the principle of co-responsibility. We mobilize to reduce economic and social inequalities within countries and between different areas of the world. We work to ensure that those who suffer from poverty, violence and discrimination, and the new generations, become leaders of their own development and contribute to improving the conditions of the societies in which they live and of the global community.


In our “world project” all people affirm their dignity without distinctions and obstacles to the exercise of their rights.  


By overcoming the logic of aid dependency, we respond to the needs of the communities and countries where we work, enhancing existing resources, valuing diversity and achieving impact that lasts over time.

For these reasons, we work together with local associations and institutions, with other actors of international development cooperation and solidarity, by building a partnership system that shares the same objectives and is committed to achieving them with us. We believe that global phenomena such as climate change, migration and inequalities, in and between countries, affect everyone, and that each of us is called to overcome them. We strongly believe in the value of co-responsibility in order to build a common “world project”.